Day 6: Connect

People need not just talk. People need not just hear. People need to connect. People need to listen. This photo was taken at Glorietta a few months ago. I decided to crop the sides to focus on these two friends conversing. Love the effect of the lights on the manmade waterfall background. In this age of social media, it’s refreshing to see people connect with each other face-to-face without facebook, to talk to one another without the need to shorten one’s lines unlike twitter. It’s better to hear the sound of laughter or witness someone crying personally than to just read the words – haha or huhu (although of course it depends to circumstances, e.g., long-distance relationships). Though technology is really beneficial nowadays, we must not allow it to disconnect us from our loved ones or from the present moment. We must learn how to use technology and our time wisely. 🙂


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