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The challenge is to come up with a blog name and tagline. Previously, my website was melredor.wordpress.com. It just includes my name. But I decided to change the site name to afollowersjourney.wordpress.com, with the tagline “Musings inspired by my Maker and Master Himself” since what I post here in my blog are the lessons which God made me realize as I walk with Him and random creative thoughts about random ideas. However, recently, I decided to change my site name to melsmusingsandmarvels.wordpress.com and retain the tagline because I just love alliterations. It so happened that my name starts with an M, hence, I thought of other terms beginning with M. And I remembered the word marvel. Marvel means something that causes wonder, admiration or astonishment and this is what my creative space would like to offer. In other words, this blog is about the things/people I treasure. 🙂

Enjoy reading! Hope to hear from you, as well. 🙂