Disconnect to Connect

As I was browsing through Facebook, this thought crossed my mind:

Technology can connect us but it can also disconnect us.

I’m amazed with the wonders brought by technology. We’re blessed to have been born in the age of modernization- when a wealth of information can be accessed with just a click, when a plethora of ideas can be exchanged in a chat box, when communication with our loved ones is easier and faster. A lot of options when it comes to communication are already within reach. But just as technology serves as a way to keep people together, it can also hinder people from coming together, from having quality conversations with each other, from sharing lives with each other.

I like how a good friend shared her thoughts on this through a Facebook status update:

The purpose of developing technology was supposedly to make our lives easier and help us process things faster, not take away precious time that could have been spent with our loved ones, appreciating them more and making them feel loved.

We have to bear in mind that the power and influence of social media rests on the person using it. Technology, just like any other thing the Lord has blessed us, is a tool we have to use right and use well. We can either make the best use of it or it can turn out the worst in us. The choice is ours to make.



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