To My Younger Self

It’s been four years since I graduated from college! Time flies indeed.  From a distance, I realized that those four years after school have been very precious. There is really wisdom that comes with age. Although I am still young, I noticed a huge difference between my beliefs and attitudes today from when I was still a student. And so I decided to write these pieces of advice to my younger self. The concept was inspired by a magazine article. I hope this will encourage each of us, especially the graduates out there! Let’s keep on learning! Congratulations! 🙂

To my younger self,

You may think that graduating with honors or earning a license is enough. True, they are blessings and we have to be thankful and give credit to whom it is really due, but you must not base your identity on your achievements. Those are just temporary. You’ll realize that what matters are one’s relationships with God and with other people. So spend quality time with the Lord, with your family and friends. Be involved in their lives. Listen to them. Pray for and with them. You’ll realize that time spent with them is never a waste.

You may think that success comes in the form of a huge amount of money in the bank, a beautiful house, a fancy car or a diversified investment portfolio. But true success isn’t measured by your assets though they may be indicators or rather fruits of your success. Don’t be short-sighted. Don’t work for things that rot but instead work on what lasts forever. Instead of focusing to be successful, focus on molding your character. Success will naturally follow.

You may think the road to success is just a walk in the park but it is paved with hardships. Only those who stubbornly persevere will reap the rewards of their hard work. Learn to complete the tasks assigned to you and give your best in everything you do.

You may think greatness is tantamount to omniscience but there is only One who knows everything. Remember, a question is a key that unlocks a myriad of knowledge. All that takes is one’s acknowledgement of his limitations. Never be afraid to ask help. Never fear in admitting your mistakes. Never be afraid to fail. When you fail, continue. Persistence is the key. You must not let yourself be defined by your successes or failures.

You may be too excited to go out and explore opportunities but you may do it with the wrong intentions.  Don’t be disillusioned by what you can get from a potential employer.  Instead, strive hard to be of help to the people around you.

You will be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come your way but don’t despair. Don’t let the harshness of reality rob you of life’s simple joys. It is true that there will come a time that you’ll long for the past, for the good old days when all you think of is your grades. But you should be grateful for the season you’re in now and strive hard to learn and serve God and others during that season for time just flies that you’ll realize that season has just ended.

You may be envious of the people around you for their seemingly problem-free life. I tell you, do not compare yourself to them. It will not change anything. Learn to embrace reality for there are things that are meant to be accepted. At the same time, work diligently and passionately because of the hope you have in your heart – the hope that things will turn out for good.

You will be put in situations wherein you’ll have to take a stand. Don’t be afraid to do so. Be courageous to fight for what you know is right, even when no one’s doing it, even when you’ll be ridiculed for it, even when you’ll look like a fool for doing so. The true test of one’s character happens when you choose to do what’s right when no one’s watching.

You may have an idea of what love is but believe me, it’s shallow. The world may ask for your attention but there is only One who is worthy of our whole-hearted devotion. Please that audience of One.  The world may throw various definitions of love but none of those capture what really it is because it is not a what, but a Who. He is the One Who is capable of revealing to us what love is because He is love.  So don’t be distracted with the idea of meeting ’the one’ you think God has prepared for you. Never forget the One who wants your heart first. Instead of thinking on how your love story will be, ponder on and share the greatest love story ever told.



Feel free to also share anything you want to tell your younger self! 🙂




  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

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