A Wedding

Last Wednesday, my friends and I were very much blessed to have witnessed the wedding of our beloved friend and Victory group leader. Being someone who is new to attending weddings (this is just the third wedding I’ve attended and the first wedding of a churchmate I’ve been to), I was very much excited and grateful to be invited to such important event.

By being there, I realized that a wedding involves great preparation. And I also realized that the couple is very much loved, not only by God but also by the people who attended the wedding. I saw how my friends took time to help in ushering the guests and coordinating with the wedding planner. I’ve seen that every one did their best. But there are some things beyond our control – just like the weather. Hours before the start of the wedding, it was very sunny. But immediately before the start of the ceremony, the rain poured!!!

I did not know what Mark and Joy (the couple) felt when it rained. It took me to the day when my friend told me she wanted a beach wedding. But as they started planning out for the big event, she informed me that it would be a garden wedding. But flash forward to reality – it became an indoor wedding!

But God knows what He’s doing. And in the end what matters is that He is glorified.

It may not have been the wedding Joy and Mark planned it to be. It may not have been the wedding we expected it to become. But when God takes over, He’ll really never fail to surprise you.

The ceremony was very much powerful. We can feel God’s presence all over the place. The exchange of vows was heartwarming. I like the part when Mark wittingly said that the only time he’ll leave Joy breathless is when he takes her breath away, that the only time he’ll make her cry is because of too much laughter, and that the only time he’ll let go is when he’ll let go of his pride and anger (paraphrase).

I was also amazed with the attitude of the couple – of how they acknowledged that they can stand before God because of His grace, that they can love each other because of Christ’s finished work.

What struck me are the bride’s thank you message at the reception. She told us that there aren’t perfect weddings. The only perfect wedding is when Christ comes and takes the church as His bride.

So far, this is the best wedding I’ve witnessed. It was a great celebration of love, a love that was demonstrated through service or even one’s mere presence, a love pouring because of the overflow of God’s love.

Indeed, there aren’t perfect weddings. But when God is glorified, that alone meets perfection.





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  1. Thank you so much for this very wonderful and heartfelt article Mel! I already read it before but I almost felt emotional again. You encouraged me by this. You have a gift in writing indeed. Keep it up Mel for God’s glory.

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