A Love Letter

It’s been three years. Time flies. We had some sort of a love-hate relationship. At first, I thought I already knew what I got myself into. But I was totally wrong.

As the days passed and turned into weeks, then months, then years, I find myself loving you more and hating you less. It has been a rough start but getting to know you deeper made me stronger and wiser. I learned how to deal with myself and others because of you. I realized that you had my best interests in mind, that you wanted me to grow, and that for me proves to say how much you care. I know most of the time I’ve been stubborn and ungrateful – of how I’d long for the what was that’s drifted to memory or the what if that’s a fruit of imagination. Forgive me for that. But believe me, I’m very grateful for all our memories together. I thank you for your patience and perseverance. I thank you for leading me to amazing people. After everything we’ve been through, I realized you’re worth it.

But after careful thought and consideration, I realized it’s time to move forward. It is time to let go. Letting go means surrendering to the will of the One far greater than us and that I believe is based on faith, hope and love. It is bittersweet yet I know you’ll be supportive of this, too, because your love propels others to soar. It’s not suffocating but rather liberating.

Cheers to three years and beyond. Know that you’ll always be in my heart. But for now, farewell.



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