Salvation: Repost from Instagod Ministries

One of the accounts I follow at Instagram is @instagodministries. Let me share with you one of the posts in its Instagram account:

“There was a young boy who was playing Monopoly with his grandmother. The grandmother won the game against her grandson and told him “We can play a rematch once you learn the tactics of the game.” The little boy played against his father and won, his mother and brother, and against his brothers and sisters and won. The little boy was confident and determine for a rematch against his grandmother. The next day he played against his grandmother again and this time the little boy won. He owned all the property that you needed to own to win the game. His face was illuminating with joy because he accomplished a challenge he worked so hard to gain. The grandmother asked him, “What did you learn from this game?” The little boy said, “How to never give up, work hard, and strive for your goal.” The grandmother said, “Those are good pointers but you still missed the whole point of the game my grandson. You see…after you have gained all the property to win the game and after you’ve worked hard in doing so, you have to put all the pieces back in the box.”

You can have all the cars, money, fame, women, drugs, jewelry, property, degrees/titles, and everything this world can offer…you’ve worked industriously for months and years to achieve high goals, ranks, respect, degrees, and building up your accolades you cannot take it with you to the grave or in Heaven, where is your soul? There are people who hold positions in church pimping the congregation for personal ‘gain’, again question where is your soul? There thousands of online ministries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posting pictures to ‘gain’ likes, re-tweets, shares, money, and followers again I ask, where is your soul? You can fool man but you cannot fool God.ฺ

This life we’re living ladies and gentlemen is short. What matters the most is saving souls not saving things. It’s time to get your heart right with the Lord and quit playing Christian. Being a Christian doesn’t save you, that’s just a title. Learn to develop a personal relationship with Him, be obedient, and love your enemies! This is a spiritual walk and a race given to those who will ‘endure’ till the end. Stay with Jesus!

-Our souls are far more valuable than all the material possessions combined. A man who gains the whole world but does not have Jesus, really has nothing. But a man who has Jesus, though he doesn’t own enough, already has everything. 

Great reminder. Grabbed from @instagodministries IG account

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