One Random Conversation with God

One Saturday, I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. I got so upset because my eyeglasses got broken. And there was no one to blame but me.

I really got so frustrated that time that I focused on my faults, on my past failures, on how imperfect I am. Then I asked God, “Why did You even save me? Why save someone – a stinky, filthy, foolish person like me? You could have saved someone better. Why me?”

Afterwards, I read a chapter in a book about declaring God’s message. It stated there that “Paul existed to deliver the message (gospel). How people remembered him was secondary. How people remembered Christ was primary. Paul’s message was not about himself. His message was about Christ.”

Suddenly, it hit me. It’s not about me (which is actually the title of the book I read).

I was so amazed. God answered me! 🙂

We are saved by His grace to do good works for His glory. We exist to glorify Him. And as what Max Lucado stated in his book, “God doesn’t need you and me to do His work. We are expedient messengers, ambassadors by His kindness, not by our cleverness.”

And even though we fail at certain points in our life, we must press on. We must learn from our mistakes, repent once God points out sin in our lives, and continue walking with Him, trusting Him that the good work He began in us will be completed. 🙂

It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado.
I highly recommend this book. In this world where each person seeks to please himself and thinks that the world revolves around him, this book reminds us that we exist not for ourselves but for God who created us to bring Him all the glory, honor and praise He alone deserves.
And I thank my Victory Group buddies for giving me this book. Great birthday gift! 🙂

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