Snapshots: Nature’s Wonders

Picture 251
Lovely sunrise at the city! When I saw this, I did not hesitate in grabbing my phone to take a photo! Sunrises and sunsets are so captivating! 🙂
Picture 195
Colorful sunset captured at the topmost floor of our boarding house. When I saw this on the window, I immediately went to the fourth floor to witness such beautiful sunset. Our Creator is really creative in splashing different colors in one grand sky canvass to come up with a breathtaking sunset. 🙂
Picture 022
Bright full moon. I remember moon-gazing every time I go home late from the office due to the busy season.
Taken @ Cagayan, Philippines. The time this photo was taken, we were able to witness a number of dolphins swimming. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. But was a fun moment still! 🙂
Nature's Wonders
Sunset. Taken at the car while dad’s driving. 🙂
Picture 327
Double-treat! Two-bow rainbow! Taken while having our victory group at The Coffee Bean, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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