Divine Appointments

Do you believe in divine appointments? I really do! God really has a way of surprising us.

Last time, while I was at the NAIA for my flight to Dumaguete (yes! I was able to go home), I met a woman who was also on the same flight as I was. When I was descending the stairs, she approached me and asked me something, and then tinanong nya ako if okay lang sakin na sumabay ako sa kanya since it was her first time in the airport. I told her it was fine. At the back of my mind, I thought: maybe this is God’s divine appointment. There was something inside of me that wanted to speak to her, to encourage her. Though, there was also a part of me that’s hesitant and afraid. But God’s grace in indeed able to rescue me from fear. Let me share to you that it was my first time to meet someone at the airport and so I did not miss the opportunity to encourage her and share the gospel to her, by the grace and wisdom of God. I was also amazed with how our conversation turned out because we were able to share about our lives and learn from each other.  We even exchanged contact numbers! 🙂

There is really joy when you share part of you to others – joy which cannot be replaced by any material thing, joy which cannot be taken away from you because it springs from the love extended by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ-a love that is unending , unconditional, and unfailing. I do hope that each of us will be sensitive enough to the people God has placed in our lives. Maybe someone needs a listening ear, a helping hand or an encouraging word from us. This airport incident taught me that we can be a blessing, whenever, wherever, whatever, however. 🙂

“Do not neglect hospitality, because through it some have entertained angels without knowing it.”-Hebrews 13:2

“A generous person will be enriched and the one who provides water for others will himself be satisfied.”-Proverbs 11:25

While waiting, seated strangers can turn to good friends through a simple smile and/or a helping hand. 🙂

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  1. aww, tsada bitaw au nang naa kay mameet na stranger Mel, daun daghan diay au mo mashare about your lives. I’m sure she was blessed pud sa inyong encounter. 🙂

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