24 Hours

A gift my Father gave

Advised me to spend it wisely

As soon as I received it, I excitedly opened it.

Spent several minutes preparing and travelling

Immersed myself to the workload in store.

Follow ups, comments, disposals and many more!

Eating, chatting, laughing, my gift was gradually decreasing!

Soon realized that the sun was setting forth…

Then it dawned upon me, that amidst the laughter and chaos, something seemed missing

And during my quality time with Dad

A  question’s raised: “What have you done with My gift? How did you spend it?”

With pride, I answered his query

Excitement arose as I narrated to Dad everything

Thinking it would make Him happy.

But as I finished speaking, He became quiet.  His countenance dropped.

Wondered what happened, what have I done?

Then Dad said, “How come you’ve forgetten your first love!

Spending your energy on something that’s meaningless!

You should have sought me as soon as you’ve awaken.

You should have been with me all throughout.”

Stunned, I fell to my knees

Realizing that I broke my dear Father’s heart.

Asked Him for forgiveness, pondering that the gift was wasted.

Asked Him for a chance, to have that gift

Spoke to help me, to teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.



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