Lessons from Review

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!”

– I Corinthians 10:12

I can say that God used the aforementioned verse to save me from me.

During college, I’ve read this verse quite a number of times. But reading did not mean understanding. It was only during the review that God first revealed to me what it meant.

That time, my classmates and I lived in Manila for the review (the post-undergrad, pre-yuppie portion of our lives). We were housed in dormitories near our review center. We ate, slept, studied, and went out sometimes. That was our life as reviewees back then. And no matter how different our backgrounds, personalities or study habits are, we all have a common goal. As accountancy graduates, we all strived to reach those greatly desired three letters that can possibly be added to our names-C.P.A.

I remember that in order to achieve that goal, I’d attentively listen in class and painstakingly practice solving problems. I’d still carry out the same study habits I acquired in high school and college. I’d manage my time and see to it that I was striking a balance.


All the hard work paid off as I was able to get good results during the first pre-board, even garnering a spot in the Top 100. At first, I could not even believe it because of the exams’ difficulty. But as God says, “All things are possible with Him”.

And then came the second half of the review phase. At this time, I would still study (or so it seemed). At the back of my mind, there’s that tiny voice that gradually becomes louder and louder, one that says, “You need not study anymore! You’re too good for that!” Indeed, there were times that I’d gave in to that voice and instead of understanding the lessons, I’d just skip or no longer study those because of that voice called pride.

But thanks be to God! He saved me from me! He directed me to that verse in I Corinthians and unraveled its beautiful meaning. I thank God that He exposed to light my proud self, one I never thought existed in me. I came to know who I am through His word – a sinful person who is nothing apart from Him- and reminded me what to do through His word – not to think highly of myself, instead be reminded that everything comes from Him.

Now that I am already a CPA, I keep coming back to this phase in my life every time pride creeps in. Humility was what God instilled in and is continually teaching me. Looking back, I thank Him for the very valuable lessons He taught me during the review-timeless, priceless lessons which cannot be captured by any accounting book or handout. 🙂


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