PDL: The Real Reason

Life is a constant learning process. It’s a never-ending cycle of learning, un-learning, and learning again. Even at work. I’d remember when I was a newly-hired staff; I was so lost and confused. I merely followed instructions and did my job just for the sake of doing it. I found no purpose, no meaning on what I did. And this meaningless labor produced a negative ripple effect.

But as someone explained to me the reason why I need to do a certain procedure, everything made sense. I became productive, efficient, and joyful in performing the tasks assigned to me. Learning became enjoyable rather than burdensome.

Put this in light of eternity and things will fall into proper perspective: purpose always produces passion. However, it is not enough that we know our purpose. We have to know our real purpose. The world may give us an endless list of possible purposes to live by, but all those mislead us from the truth.

So how do we know our real purpose? Of course, we need to go back to our Creator. He alone could tell us our true reason for being. And we can know this, primarily, through His reading His Word-the Bible.

When we know our real purpose, we become motivated. When we know our real purpose, we become focused. When we know our real purpose, we become guided.

And as we go on with our lives, may we learn and understand the real reason why we live, for whom we live, and how we should live.


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