A Bittersweet Accident

I never thought that this incident during our outing would teach me something about who God is…

We were playing volleyball then. As I served the ball, it got off course and hit my senior. Can you imagine the impact it had on her? It surely did hurt. And I can’t help but feel guilty about what happened. I hurriedly apologized to my senior who got teary-eyed after being hit in her right eye. Good thing, she accepted my apology right there and then. She did not condemn me for the incident. What’s even more amazing is that she did not harbor any grudge on me. She even offered to borrow me money in paying up for our additional contribution.

Pondering on what’s happened, these thoughts came to mind.

1.) God does not depend on who we are. Truly, our sinfulness will not affect God’s holiness. His qualities are not dependent on us because He is God. Similar to the incident, the decision of my senior to forgive me was not because I am her subordinate or friend but it was out of her forgiving heart. But this is not in comparison to God’s very identity. We may have grieved God with our stubbornness and ingratitude but that does not change His very nature. He is still good, just, merciful, gracious, wise, sovereign and loving.

2.) God does not depend on what we do.  We really can’t do anything to earn God’s forgiveness because even our good deeds are merely filthy rags in His sight. I could have done everything I can possibly do to make my senior happy to remove all the guilt I have in my heart. But those good things could not help erase the situation because it already happened. Same with our life-we may lie, cheat, disobey God, but having a “good” performance before Him won’t change the fact that we’re sinners. All that He wants is a humble and repentant heart.

Moreover, we don’t have to pay because someone already did it. Our self-proclaimed good records are not even comparable to the work that was already perfected at Calvary many, many years ago.

3.) God loves us for He is Love-Even though we’ve hurt God countless times, He made a way for us to be reconciled back to Him. He sent Jesus Christ, His only Son, to save us from our sins. Jesus paid the price to restore the human creation back to their Creator. The cross bridged the gap between mankind and God.


4.) There is no condemnation in Christ-In Christ, we are no longer condemned because we are already cleansed by His blood. God will no longer see our sinful selves but Christ that’s in us. Because of this, we can access God and become the persons that God wants us to be.


Thinking over these things just makes me amazed with God-Someone who just loves us unconditionally and immeasurably. We can stand on His grace and rest on His peace because of these sweet truths He’s done for us.


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