Hope, More, Fortune and Cigarettes

-Thanks to my friend Marmae for this idea. Sometimes, good ideas, if not, the best ones spring from random conversations :)-

It’s ironic that certain brands of cigarettes are named after virtues, and yet, what smoking provides is exactly the opposite.

We hope for a better future but with every stick of Hope out, smokers and nonsmokers suffer. It may provide pleasure for some time but it has hazardous effects in the long run.

We want more of the good things in our lives but as we consume More, we become less and less the persons God wants us to be.

We want Fortune, but what would it profit us if we become fortunate and yet get unhealthy?

The Bible tells us that our bodies are the temple of God. This means that the Holy Spirit resides within us. Hence, we must choose not to defile our bodies.

I remember a churchmate shared her testimony. She was formerly a cigarette-smoking addict. She confessed that she started smoking during highschool. She would skip her lunch just to smoke a cigarette. She became so addicted to it that she would just skip meals to smoke. She even won’t share her cigarettes to some of the smokers she knew. Jokingly, she mentioned that she even became greedy because she did not share her cigarettes to her smoker-friends. Then, when she attended church, the pastor mentioned that God is omnipresent. After the service, that thought struck her. And before smoking a cigarette, she thought ‘If God is omnipresent and I’ll smoke, maybe I’ll puff on His face.’ You might think of it as funny, but that helped in getting her out of her addiction. God truly has ways of changing His people.

As you read this, I hope you will be encouraged of our God-One who brings everlasting change and helps us become the persons He desires us to be, by His grace. So the next time, you’ll be tempted to light that cigarette, ask yourself: is this the hope that God wants me to take to gain more fortune?

The fake hope or the real Hope? You decide. 🙂


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