One Summer Vacation to Remember

Last April 5, we went to Laguna to take a break from all the stress brought about by being in the city.  It was also a good opportunity to bond with my dad, my siblings and nephews.

My short vacation was filled with quite a number of “firsts”. It was my first time to watch a movie with siblings and nephews. We watched Jack and Jill, a comedy movie starring Adam Sandler. The movie bonding time was filled with so much laughter, even teasing of my nephews who happened to be twins (which was what the movie’s about). I also had the chance to share my favorite Korean series with my new friend Carol. We spent hours and hours laughing and crying with the actors in the said drama. We  also went on boating at Lake Caliraya, Quezon (about an hour-drive from the house). Our time spent there in the lake was great and relaxing! At first, I thought that the lake was just small but when we actually went into it, it was really wide.  When I pondered on this, I realized it was like God’s love for us. We will never know how deep and great is His love for us until we actually immerse in and experience it.

 After the 20-minute boat ride, we ate lunch at Exotic-a restaurant at Laguna which serves exotic food, of course, as the name suggests (we did not order exotic food, though). 🙂 I suggest you try their pork sisig and sinigang, with matching sago-gulaman to quench your thirst. The restaurant not only boasts of their delicious menu but also of the animals housed in there. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by a Toucan-a bird with a colorful bill. But the main attraction was the huge snake named Samantha which was said to be housed there for about 15 years already. There was also a peacock in the resto’s vicinity. We anticipated for it to open and show off its beautiful fan-like feathers. But to our disappointment, the peacock declined our request and rested instead (tsktsk).

Here are some pictures during our vacation (taken by Ate Karla, my sister). 🙂

Seeing a fierce dog swimming at Lake Caliraya. Go doggie go! 🙂
Picture-taking before feasting on our delicious lunch at Exotic (with Dad, Ate Karla, and Carol
This beautiful sunset reminds me of God’s majesty. 🙂

This is one summer vacation I will never forget. The memories  plus a new friend are truly priceless.



  1. beautiful blog, mel 🙂
    this is inspiring!
    wah! the swimming dog is adorable! 😀
    i’m happy for you that you were able to bond with your loved ones 🙂
    like you, i also see God’s awesomeness in nature, especially when i look up the sky 🙂
    God bless, mel!

    1. maau pa ang iro, kabalo mulangoy. haha! isog pa jud au na sya ba 😀 salamat au meg! 🙂 Indeed, God is really amazing!

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