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Voices everywhere.
Each one demands something.
The boss says “beat the deadline.”
Your friend says “let’s stroll and dine.”
Your mother asks “did you send some for us to utilize?”
Everything demands your attention.
Everything demands your strength.
But in the end, everything saps your energy
And dampens your spirit.
And so to your boss you say: “still pending”
To your friend you’ll say: “it’s a pass, move it to another date.
To your mother you’ll respond: I can’t send it now, maybe tomorrow”
Everything goes to waste.
But then it takes only one voice, one whisper that says:
“my child, don’t be overwhelmed by everything that’s coming your way. Just fix your eyes on me and you’ll never get lost. I have already given you my heartbeat. All that it takes is for you to be still and know that I am God.”